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Case Study

Customer Acquisition

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A Health Insurance program needed to increase participation and enrollment in a new program that was aimed at streamlining expenses. They wanted to identify segments of clients who were the best targets for marketing activity, i.e. segments with the highest propensity for the product.

Our Solution:

Stadia applied data mining and advanced segmentation techniques to unearth multiple segments. Focus segments that offered the best ROI were identified, and media strategies for efficient targeting were determined.

We mapped multiple databases and carried out a segmentation exercise on the early adopters. We identified look-alike clients in the larger database of clients and identified 2 segments that exhibited the highest propensity to migrate to the new program – these 2 segments also accounted for a significant proportion of expenses.

Mapped the zip code concentration of the individuals in each of these two segments and provided a strategic roadmap for targeting.


Stadia's analytics insights drove creation of client's marketing strategy and media plans to aid in a highly improved return on marketing dollars spent.