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Our team of brand strategists & quant experts are adept at designing the right survey/analytics plan, given a business issue, to deliver the needed insights.

Market Research

Database Analytics

Database Technology

Case Examples

Our clients typically partner with us when they have the following questions:

Who is the ideal customer for my brand?  What are their deep seated needs and attitudes?

  • Ensemble SegmentationSM
  • Archetype Analysis

How can I differentiate my brand from the competition?

  • Positioning Research
  • Concept Testing

What new products and/or product features do my target consumers want?

  • New Product Research
  • Conjoint Modeling
  • Choice Modeling

How should I price my product?  Can I increase pricing without eroding market share?

  • Conjoint Modeling
  • Choice Modeling

How do I best connect with my consumers?

  • Concept Testing
  • Ad Testing

What is the impact of all my marketing efforts?

  • Brand Health Monitors
  • Customer Satisfaction Studies